Last week’s picture was, of course, a shower puff. Rhonda from Laugh Quotes is awarded the winner’s medal this week for describing the answer, along with Deborah from Raising My Boys who actually named it correctly. And so to this week … perhaps not quite so easy What Am I?

Did you guess last week’s clue? It was a cheese grater – the funny-I-don’t-actually-know-what-this-one-is-for-side of a cheese grater. Diana from Toronto Teacher Mom takes home the trophy for first correct answer. What do you think this one might be? What Am I?

Well done to everyone who got last week’s clue … it was a birthday candle flame and there were 39 missing because last Wednesday was my 40th birthday! Bragging rights go to Karren from Oh My Heartsie Girl this week for being the first home with the correct answer.[…]

Week 2 of my What Am I? Wednesday feature and here we are again. The answer to last week’s puzzle was the rose attachment on a watering can. Kudos and bragging rights go to Katrina  for the first correct answer! What do you make of this week’s picture? I don’t know[…]

I thought I’d try something new for Wordless Wednesday for a little while with a series of What Am I? pictures. Leave your guesses in the comments below and next week I’ll reveal the answer as well as posting a new What Am I? picture. Leave links to[…]