We had a few right answers last week, but our very first answer, from Joyce at Catch My Words, was spot on – it was the chair that went with the table from the week before! Well done Joyce 🙂 What Am I this week?    

OK, so last week’s What Am 1? puzzle was much easier, as promised. Everyone guessed that it was wood, most people guessed that it lived outside, but no-one(!) guessed that it was a wooden table. Actually it’s a wooden table sitting outside a local bistro. On to this[…]

Last week seemed to be another difficult one – just one right answer! So congratulations, props and bragging rights go to Belzi of Never The Same 2 Days Running. So, you might be relieved to know that my husband is responsible for this week’s photo and I think it’s[…]

Last week’s was easy, wasn’t it? 😉 It was a piece of crepe bandage, which I’m sure someone knew all along. Unfortunately, that someone didn’t pop by and answer the quiz! No right answers!  See how you get on with this one.

Did you guess last week’s correctly? Lots of people got the object but no-one was able to guess the materials. It was a close up of a seagrass woven basket. Props to Karren from Oh My Heartsie Girl for being the first to guess basket. And this week’s picture[…]

How did you get on last week? Judging by the range of answers, it was more difficult than previous couple. So to out you put of your misery, the answer was ….. the vacuum hose from our Dyson. No-one visiting on the blog guessed the right answer, but[…]