A-Z Challenge letter: U – Unbelievable     About a month ago, I wrote about the unbelievable chaos that was Asda Pharmacy’s Collect Service – you can read about it here. I would have thought it might have improved since then. But no. Not only did Asda fail[…]

Today brought a surprise package. Well, not quite a surprise, because I knew it was coming, although I didn’t know exactly when and I had no idea what would be in it. On Ravelry, I’m a member of a Pagan crafters’ group and each Sabbat, they organise a[…]

Half way through already!  It seems to have gone so quickly. Here’s hoping the next 50 days are as easy to do as the first. Today was the start of the new term for Plum’s BabyBallet class. She has missed it really badly over the Easter break, so[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: S – Screening     A little while ago, I read an article by a GP, Dr Margaret McCartney, explaining why she had decided not to take part in screening for cervical cancer. She’s also decided against a mammogram when she is invited, and isn’t convinced[…]

oh, today’s Happy Days post is a struggle. Three children, all tired out from three busy days, opted to have a quiet day at home. By which I mean that Plum and Bean opted to argue and bicker most of the day, and PK – tired, getting over[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: R – Reading Children are made readers on the laps of their parents. —Emilie Buchwald Reading with our children is important.  It opens up a whole new world for them. It helps them master language. It helps them learn to read themselves. It helps with basic[…]