We’ve reached that stage. You know the one. That one. The one where your toddler gets a fascination with something and won’t leave it alone. In our case, PK has developed a fascination with the toilet. Specifically with throwing things down the toilet. So far, we’ve had bottles[…]

Until now, this little monster has been known as PK. From now on he is to be known as Houdini. In this warm weather, Plum and PK have had free access to the back garden from the lounge. The back door has been open all day. The tall[…]

Today was the day I realised that I don’t have a baby any more. PK is most definitely a toddler, whether I want to admit it or not. He’s been toddling for a few months now, and the last couple of weeks have brought several new words a[…]

Recently, Plum has declared that she does not like vegetables. Having previously eaten pretty much anything under the sun, she now turns her nose up at almost everything, including some of her previous favourites. And it’s not just veg, it’s food in general. She now doesn’t like carrots,[…]

I have three children. When I look at pictures of them all at the same age (first three months – since that is as far as the third has got so far), they look identical. But that’s about where the similarity ends. Their journeys through the first three[…]