Welcome back to Gluten Free Friday, a collection of gluten free recipes posted around the web each week. I hope you find this useful and find something new and tasty to try! If you’ve posted a gluten free recipe on your blog, or on a website in the last[…]

Welcome to the inaugural Gluten Free Friday here at The Sated Coeliac.  Gluten Free Friday is a round up of gluten free recipes posted in the previous week and I hope it will be a great resource for everyone searching for gluten free recipes, as well as for those who[…]

The secret to good cooking, of any kind, is a well stocked store cupboard, full of the basics. It allows you to pull together new flavours from what’s already there. Here, I share what’s in my gluten-free store cupboard, along with my favourite brands. I’ll add to it[…]

Something that is a constant feature in my life, and that of my family, is Coeliac Disease. It means that I cannot eat gluten, which in practical terms means I cannot eat anything which contains wheat, rye or barley, their derivatives or anything contaminated by them. Ten years[…]

Today is Samhain (pronounced Sow-in), the Celtic Day of the Dead.  It is a time for honouring our ancestors and remembering loved ones no longer with us.  It’s the reason we don’t celebrate Hallow’een – the day has real meaning for us, and we celebrate as a family. […]

I’ve been asked by several people on several occasions now to share some of my recipes.  In our house, everything is made from scratch, partly from a health point of view, partly because I love to cook and partly because we have little choice, because I have Coeliacs[…]