ooh, nearly forgot about this today!  So, my three psitive vibes for this week are …. 1. I am reeallly looking forward to my cupcake decoration class tomorrow.  I’m hoping by the end of it, I’ll be able to create the designs

This week has mostly been a good week, I think, although I have had a serious case of baby brains! My three positive vibes this week are: I’m really pleased with how well making more than 6 dozen cupcakes went this week.  I made them to take into[…]

Ooh, it’s been a struggle this week. Both children and hubby have had stomach bug, so my first point today is an easy one: 1. I’m very grateful that the stomach bug fairy appears to have left this house for the time being and that we’re back to[…]

Really need a positive vibe is week, so here goes! 1. I’m glad I was able to vote yesterday and am eagerly awaiting the results, although I suspect I won’t see the results I was hoping for.  I think it’s a shame so many people don’t exercise their[…]

Lots to do today, so this is going to be a quick post!  Three postive things, quite a tall order this week, what wil the feedathon we’ve been on and the cold that has hit me.  But TFI is about positive vibes, so here we go: 1. I’m[…]

I feel like singing today; the sun is out, the kids are happy, it’s Friday …. ooh, and this is my 100th post! My three positive vibes today are: 1. I’m grateful that it’s now officially the Easter holidays for the whole family (i.e. hubby is off work[…]