We love tagine, the North African one-pot dish. There are load of varieties, but this is one of our favourite – it produces a lovely fruity, sticky tagine packed with flavour. Traditionally, of course, it would be served with cous cous, but we serve with either brown rice[…]

With Valentine’s Day firmly behind us your thoughts might not be on spending hours making a romantic meal for two.  Just as well if you’re considering making the following food (especially if your date is a vampire…).  There’s enough garlic in this to finish off the Cullens and[…]

We play a game, my husband and I.  No, not that sort of game.  At least, that’s not what I mean.  We play a game where we find dishes for my imaginary bistro menu.  I’ve often thought I would like to run my own bistro, although not enough[…]