You may remember that we recently took on some chickens who had spent their life in colony cages. They were in a dreadful condition, with a lot of feather loss, a pecked off comb, no tails and one who was blind in one eye, after it had been[…]

The time has come for the first step to integrating our two pairs of birds. You may remember that we adopted two rescue hens (Elsie and Rita) who were around 18 months old at the same time as buying two Cream Legbar pullets (Barbara and Margot) who were[…]

I did say the next Tale from the Hen House would be an update about little Barbara and Margot, but we had a dramatic day with Rita over the weekend. On Sunday, Stonelaughter let the two rescue chooks out into the garden and all was well. An hour[…]

Last week I posted about how Elsie and Rita, our rescue chickens, were settling in and how their condition is improving. This week, I bring you news of feathers. Rita had lost a lot of feathers when we got her – her entire back end was almost feather[…]

Backyard chicken keeping has many highs – the (almost) constant source of fresh eggs, the lovely personalities of the hens, watching them clucking around the garden …. but it has some lows too, such as when Ethel, Mabel and Doris met Mr Fox at Easter.  On Friday, you[…]

There hasn’t been a tale from the hen house recently, because, well, there haven’t been any hens. Over Easter weekend, Mr Fox decided to help himself to an Easter treat, and took Ethel, Mabel and Doris. We were heartbroken, but at least we know they spent their last[…]