Two month after Plum was born, I embarked on a new adventure. I joined a company as a freelance jewellery maker, helping to create their silver keepsake jewellery. It wasn’t long before I wanted more, and I took on a franchise to open a studio and create 2D[…]

Are you creative?  Would you like to work for yourself, or add another string to your bow if you’re already self-employed? Precious Memories are looking for creative parents who would like to open a studio in their area.  We have enquiries coming in from all over the UK[…]

I hate to think what my neighbours thought of me (both sets of neighbours looked out of the upstairs windows whilst I was mid Bertha session!), but I had on several layers of my old work clothes, including thick socks and woolly gloves, my thick leather work gloves, dust mask and safety goggles. I kid you not. I learned the hard way that plaster dust in the eye when you wear contact lenses is not a fun way to pass the time. I won’t trouble you with a photo of me in this gear – I’m sure the mental image is vivid enough for most people. Now imagine me in that gear, post marathon Betha session, white from head to toe, except for my hair which turns a nice shade of old lady grey.

Precious Memories have teamed up with the Little Signers Club to offer the opportunity to win one of three sets of Signing Hands; Nursery Rhyme and Sign along with two nursery rhyme finger puppets. How to enter: 1. Make sure you are a follower of the Precious Memories[…]

filled my afternoon. Unfortunately, I have not been doing the tango with Brad Pitt. Instead, I was attending the Precious Memories company meeting, and I’ve had a fab, and caffeine-fuelled day.

I decided to write a post about why I believe buying a DIY 3D casting kit is a false economy.  Even before I was involved with Precious Memories, I would have advised against a DIY cast, having attempted it with Bean when he was 2 months old. So,[…]