Last week’s What Am I? was an easy one, judging by the number of correct answers. It was a rice cake. Deborah from Mom2Michael was the first to guess correctly. Congratulations! Props and a link to the first correct answer of this week’s puzzle, shout out on Twitter[…]

We had loads of correct answers to last week’s puzzle – hurray! Props, kudos and congrats go to Dominique from Dominique’s Desk for being the first to guess correctly! Let’s see how you get on with this week’s puzzle. Remember, there’s a shout out, link back and bottle of[…]

I thought I’d try something new for Wordless Wednesday for a little while with a series of What Am I? pictures. Leave your guesses in the comments below and next week I’ll reveal the answer as well as posting a new What Am I? picture. Leave links to[…]