So last week was a nice easy one for you, and lots of people got the right answer, which was (of course) …. pine cone! Shout out to David from David Williams Photography for being the first in with that answer. Who will steal the glory this week?

OK, so it’s a while since I posted one of these. Alright, it’s months since I posted one of these.  The last one was in December, and in case you were wondering, it was the mousepad from my laptop and there were no right answers. I win! So, sorry[…]

Lots of people with the right answer last week. It was a snake. More specifically, a python. To be precise, this python I’m giving the correct answer shout-out to kongsavage for correctly guessing python 🙂 It seems the longer we do these What Am I? quizzes, the better[…]

Last week’s picture definitely had you stumped. We had a variety of answers, but it was in fact part of a door chain! This week is very easy, I think!  What Am I? Huge shout out next week to the first right answer!  And even if you don’t know,[…]

Last week’s seemed to really confuse some people but I thought it was going to be easy. It was the handle of a drawer (an IKEA handle if that makes a difference!). Deb, who guessed over on Facebook, was the one with the right answer. What do you[…]

Last week’s picture brought some unusual answers, but none of them were correct – it was of course, a hair clip! So obvious once you know, right?  And for this week, an easier one for you …. What Am I?