How did you get on with last week’s puzzle? Did you guess that it was a spyhole in a door? Emma did, and Feed Me Dearly agreed with her. Congratulations! And so on to this week’s puzzle. I don’t normally set rules for this, but I am this week[…]

Last week’s What Am I? was an easy one, I think. It was a Phillips head screwdriver, and the first right answer came from Ai Sakura from Sakura Hakura, with Cathi from Simple Sojourns being the first to name it as a Phillips screwdriver specifically. Leave your guesses[…]

Did you guess last week’s puzzle? No-one did! It was, of course, the plastic lid from a Fruit Shoot drink. I know – so easy! So, What Am I this week? 

Last week’s What Am I? was an easy one, judging by the number of correct answers. It was a rice cake. Deborah from Mom2Michael was the first to guess correctly. Congratulations! Props and a link to the first correct answer of this week’s puzzle, shout out on Twitter[…]

We had lots of correct answers last week’s What Am I? Diana was the first on the right track, and Ai Sukura from Sakura Haruka was the first to identify the actual item. And, Colleen, I’m pleased to say it’s not my spoon, nor my table – I took[…]

Well, I thought last week’s was going to be easy, but it seems everyone went down the same path – and it was the wrong one. Lots of guesses of blinds and shutters, but it was something much smaller – a bar code! So, I wonder what you’ll[…]