If you speak to (almost all) home educating parents, they will almost certainly tell you that they have had a wobble at some time or other about their decision to home educate. Some will tell you they have them regularly. For most I suspect it’s not actually about[…]

We’re slowing getting back into our stride with home education after a break over the summer. We hadn’t intended to take much of a break over the summer, but that’s just things turned out. This week, Bean has been somewhat reluctant to do anything resembling work. On the[…]

We’ve been home educating since November – eight months already! Time flies! In November, we had Bean who was 7, Plum who was 2 and PK who was 11 months, so really, the only one being educated was Bean – the little two needed nothing more than plenty[…]

Bean asked if we could do some maths this afternoon. But he was quite specific; he didn’t want to use Mathletics or Khan Academy, which is what we use for most of our “formal” maths, he wanted to play snap. More specifically, he wanted to play Fraction Action[…]

So, we are in our third week of home education, and we are still alive. And we still have our sanity (well, what we had of it when we started anyway). The first week was a struggle. Keen to take the advice we were given, and give Bean[…]

The Real Princess is a mathemagical tale and a quirky take on the “Princess and the Pea” story.  Practice maths skills as you read how the King and Queen and their three sons search for a real princess.  Only the Queen knows the secret. After the story, there[…]