A to Z Challenge Letter: I – Interview     In the by now traditional interviewing of my children, here is the latest interview with Plum. It’s only the second one she has done, but they make me laugh. Who knows, next year, maybe PK will join in[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: E – Eight     For the last few years, I have been interviewing Bean in Spring and the time has come once again. It’s interesting to see how his answers change, and which stay the same. How old are you? 8 How old are[…]

Having interviewed my son for the latest in his series of yearly interviews, I decided to try my luck with my two year old daughter. I had to change some of the questions of course, but here are the results What is your name?  Cacha Cacha, what is[…]

Each Spring, since my eldest son was four, I have interviewed him and blogged the results.  I always ask the same questions and it’s been interesting to see the change in his answers (and how much he’s forgotten since the year before – it was clear last year[…]


It’s that time of year again when I ask Bean a series of questions and note his answers here for your delight and delectation. I first did this two years ago, and when I did it last year, it was interesting to see the difference a year had[…]

Just over a year ago, I asked my then four year old son a series of questions.  You can read his answers in the post “Interview with a Four Year Old“.  I thought it would be fun to see how much things have changed in the 14 months[…]