Last week, after handing in our de-registration letter to Bean’s school, I had a meeting with his class teacher. He’d asked if I’d like to meet so we could discuss Bean’s progress, and he could show me where they were up to with various aspects of his school[…]

We don’t like what is happening to state education. We don’t think Gove is fit to be in charge. We see him systematically dismantling what others have worked so hard to build. We see him readying state education for privatisation. Selling off our children’s future for the profit of others. And we want no part of it. Our children are too precious to allow this kind of meddling.

During the summer, I decided that I would like an allotment to use as a project with the children. I dutifully put my name on the local waiting lists and waited. And then I discovered that  a friend had done the same, six months earlier and was still[…]

So, next month we find out if we passed. By which I mean, we get told which school has given Bean a place for September. At no point in the run up to making these decisions, the planning, the pregnancy, the first two years of his life, did[…]