Inside my head was not a nice place last night, or early today. Yesterday’s post will explain a lot of the reasons for that. It was dark and chaotic, in the way minds tend to be when long buried memories surface and you wish they hadn’t. And so it[…]

So, it’s 5.45pm on a weekday. Husband is not home from work. I’m cooking the evening meal and have been anxiously glancing out of the window for the past half an hour to see if his car has pulled up outside yet. It hasn’t. Hubby leaves work at[…]

I don’t know if this is going to be coherent at all. I don’t even know where I’m going with this post as I write it. So, if it’s meandering but ultimately leads nowhere, then forgive me, but so be it. Depression. It’s just a word. A word[…]

I’m struggling at the moment. I keep reminding myself that I am happy. And I am happy. I have two wonderful children and a great husband and I know that in many ways I am very lucky. Of course, there are things I would love to change about[…]

2010 was an odd year for me.  For many people in fact it seems.  2010 was the year I started this blog with the intention of writing regularly and also the year that I stopped posting for months at a time.  It was the year that I was[…]

So I started with very good intentions of posting regularly on the blog, and felt like I was doing well with it.  The last month has been a hard one for me though, and I stopped posting on here and took a bit of a back seat in[…]