Organisers, it’s time to step up.

You want to organise a great event, with great stalls, lots of people attending, lots of sales. Happy punters all round. You can help make that happen. You can help create an environment where crafters can make a living selling quality goods to people who appreciate quality handcrafted goods.

When you take bookings, insist on ….

Today, I finally found time to try out the Viking Knit Chain kit I bought last month. The tutorial is for an 18″ necklace (I’m making mine slightly longer) and I’m using copper. The actual method is fairly straightforward; the tricky bit is getting the knit even, tidy and[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: W – Wire     I love crafty things. Certain crafty things. I need a creative outlet to keep my brain sane, but there are lots of crafty things that I just don’t have the finesse or patience or talent for. But I’m also a[…]

Late posting this one from yesterday – but for a very good reason. I couldn’t post it until the intended recipient has received it! So, I decided to try my hand at making a card using craft papers and various embellishments that I had stashed away. I had[…]

Yeay! I finished a crochet project which I really love.  I can’t show you it (yet) though, because it’s a present. Finishing it means something else can move up the priority list. Currently on the list: