When I met my husband, there were lots of foods he claimed not to like. Pork was one of them. The only one I have yet to change his mind on is sweetcorn, but I’m working on it 😉 Anyway, he now loves pork and requests this particular[…]

This is my son’s favourite meal, without a doubt. We’ve stopped asking him to choose what we have to eat, because the answer is always the same – pasta bake. The gluten free pasta bake I make changes, depending on what is in the fridge and whether today[…]

This recipe is intended to be quick and convenient for when you need a meal in a hurry. For that reason, there are some “convenience foods” included that wouldn’t ordinarily make it into a recipe on the Sated Coeliac. These include sweet chilli sauce, which is widely available[…]

Spaghetti and meatballs was always my favourite meal when I was growing up – homemade meatballs and sauce with piles of spaghetti. I don’t think my Mum ever actually told me her recipe for these, but I used to watch her cook, so was able to make up[…]

eeek! I’m a bit late posting this today. Gluten Free Friday is intended to be a round up of gluten free recipes from around the web.  You are welcome to add recipes here – they don’t have to be your own, but if you’ve found a great recipe,[…]

It’s Gluten Free Friday again. Please tell your friends about this place – they can come here and find some great gluten free recipes from around the web, and they can post their own too.  I really want to build this into a great weekly round-up. Please do[…]