I wasn’t sure whether I should post this recipe, but decided to go ahead for several reasons. Although I suspect most people reading this will already have their own recipe, there may be some people who have been used to using a pre-prepared sauce who now find they[…]

I love eating risotto and it’s so easy to make. This is my favourite variety, because it always remind me of an Autumn forest. It’s my son’s favourite too because, according to him, it’s so mushroomy. This recipe serves four and calls for half a kilo (!) of[…]

A little late for this year’s festivities of course, but I didn’t want to post the recipe for this cake until I’d had chance to taste the results! This cake is easy to make, avoids the common problem in gluten free cakes of all the fruit sinking to[…]

This is a lovely summer gluten free dessert, lighter than cheesecake and very easy to make.        

One thing that is definitely missing from most coeliac menus is a decent pudding. If you attempt to eat out on a regular basis, you’ve probably been offered any number of boring fruit salads. Make up for fit by creating delicious, easy puds at home that can be[…]

We love tagine, the North African one-pot dish. There are load of varieties, but this is one of our favourite – it produces a lovely fruity, sticky tagine packed with flavour. Traditionally, of course, it would be served with cous cous, but we serve with either brown rice[…]