It’s twelve years since I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and had to start navigating the murky waters of gluten free shopping and eating.  In that time, gluten free provision and recipes have improved massively. It’s not nearly as hard to find gluten free options if you eat[…]

Udi’s Gluten Free asked me to try some of their products. What did I think? The Blueberry muffins were to die for. Soft, moist, with lots of fruit which had not sunk to the bottom!

A-Z Challenge letter: U – Unbelievable     About a month ago, I wrote about the unbelievable chaos that was Asda Pharmacy’s Collect Service – you can read about it here. I would have thought it might have improved since then. But no. Not only did Asda fail[…]

I’m not big on fish, and haven’t enjoyed eating it all but realising that this limits not only my diet, but that of my children, who do like it, I decided to try some recipes and be brave. This was the first one, and it went down a[…]

Gluten free cake is often a disappointment; it never quite manages to taste like the “real” thing. Except this one is different. This one passes itself off as the real thing with ease. It’s soft, and light and tasty. And it’s so, so easy to do as well. […]

This is nothing like any dish you’ll get from a Chinese restaurant or takeaway, but it is delicious all the same. It’s a store cupboard standby recipe – change the ingredients based on what you have in the fridge.