I have three children who all look very much alike – or at least they have looked very much alike at the stages of their life. On the days they were born they all looked alike. Looking back at photos, Stonelaughter can only tell who is who by[…]

You know how there are some situations which perfectly sum up your children and their personalities, whilst demonstrating to everyone just what an odd bunch they can be? This is one of those situations. Recently, during a Facebook conversation with Stonelaughter, he asked me to say hello to[…]

In April, I posted 25 Things I Want My Daughter to Know. In fact, by the time I got to the end of the list, it was 25 things I wanted all of my children to know, and I realised I hadn’t finished the list. And so I[…]

After speaking to the children on Monday evening, we confirmed with their grandparents that they could stay another two days and come home on Thursday, since they were both having such a great time and wanted to stay, So imagine our surprise when we received a text at[…]

Not instructions to my window cleaner, but the punchline to a surreal joke which always amused me when I was at sixth form college, some *cough24cough* years ago. My conversation with Plum yesterday brought it to mind. Following her bath during which she had played with some new stick-on-the-side-of-the-bath letters, we decided[…]

Sometimes, a morning of playing, keeping up with your siblings, trying out new words and generally being mischievous just tires you out and you need a cat nap. My happy day photo today is of a little man who finally gave in to the nap he needed, but[…]