I was so scared of feeding my son, but we tried.  And we kept trying over the next four or five days, each time feeling that it wasn’t working, he still couldn’t latch on, it was never going to work. I hadn’t realised at the time that he[…]

I got my antibiotics, and also started to hand express some milk to try and feed Sid with.  It was becoming so painful to feed him that I had tears in my eyes. We struggled over the weekend trying to get through a very difficult situation. On Monday[…]

Well, I think I can reasonably call my small part of Breastfeeding Awareness Week a great success! As well as the wonderful breastfeeding journeys that I was able to share here on the blog, I was able to help raise awareness and offer support to other breastfeeding mums.[…]

Sophie is another peer supporter who decided to give something back after the support she received herself.   When my son Josh was born I was a very naive 21 year old first time mum, and I think to be honest I just expected it to be easy[…]

Emma is a mum of four who has found that when it comes to feeding, each child has their own journey.   I had my first son in hospital but found I had no support when I began my breastfeeding journey, so through trial and error, acceptance of[…]

Lisa has been a Sure Start volunteer for some time now and recently completed her Peer Supporter training. Her story shows the difference that a supportive partner and a good health worker can make.   I had decided from the start that I was going to breastfeed my[…]