A-Z Challenge letter: Y – Yue       Today I would like to introduce you to another Barefoot author. Guo Yue is an acclaimed musician, playing the dizi and bawu (Chinese bamboo flute and reed pipe respectively). He currently lives in London and records for Real Word[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: X – Xanthe       She speaks like a woman spitting jewels Xanthe Gresham is a storyteller and author. She has travelled the world with her performance storytelling shows. Having grown up in the UK and studied literature at Oxford, Xanthe has spent much[…]

I’m late posting this, because I wasn’t well yesterday. So here’s yesterday’s 100 Happy Days post: Today’s Happy Day comes courtesy of my postman, once again. This morning he brought me a prize I won in February’s Ambassador Challenge at Barefoot Books – a prize I was desperate[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: F – Family Friendly     I’m often asked what I do to earn money whilst I home educate Bean and look after Plum and PK, so I thought I would write about it again, since it’s been a while and things have moved on too.[…]

I had a lovely surprise in today’s post. Well, it wasn’t completely a surprise – I had known about it, but completely forgotten it was coming and so it was lovely to get it. In February, Barefoot Books ran an impromptu challenge – gain or maintain Team Leader[…]

This is one of two large boxes of books, puzzles, puppets and games from Barefoot Books* that I delivered to a children’s centre in Derbyshire this afternoon. This makes me very happy indeed. Sixty four brand new books and games and puzzles and puppets off to a new[…]