Today, the children asked if they could bake. I said yes, although since they had spent several hours to this point bickering with each other, I wasn’t relishing the prospect. However, bake they did. And they did it by working together, being nice to each other and having[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: F – Family Friendly     I’m often asked what I do to earn money whilst I home educate Bean and look after Plum and PK, so I thought I would write about it again, since it’s been a while and things have moved on too.[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: E – Eight     For the last few years, I have been interviewing Bean in Spring and the time has come once again. It’s interesting to see how his answers change, and which stay the same. How old are you? 8 How old are[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: D – Daughter         A little while ago, I read an article with a list of ten things to teach your daughter. And that article got me thinking. There were some things that I agreed with, some things that I really agreed with, and some[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: C – Conscious         I remember those first few days after Bean was born when we struggled with breastfeeding. When he didn’t want to latch on and I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I remember wondering if we would ever get the[…]