This postcard arrived with an explanation as to what Buckeyes are and why Ohio is named after them. Bean thought the Buckeyes looked like Conkers and wondered if they were the same thing.

    This card arrived right at the beginning of December and was our first Christmas card of the year. I love the olde worlde charm of this picture and Bean liked the bear, which he thought looked robotic.

  We loved the picture on this card and were intrigued to notice that the stamp had the same picture as the front of the card and was, in fact, printed on the card rather than stuck on. Bean enjoyed trying to work out what the Chinese characters[…]

Bean couldn’t quite believe the elaborate carvings on this one.  

  This postcard came with Ni Hao written in script on the back, which Bean found fascinating!

  Bean really liked the chalk drawings on this card – picked by the sender for that reason. His favourite was the colourful sun at the bottom of the card.