Lots of people with the right answer last week. It was a snake. More specifically, a python. To be precise, this python I’m giving the correct answer shout-out to kongsavage for correctly guessing python 🙂 It seems the longer we do these What Am I? quizzes, the better[…]

Last week’s picture definitely had you stumped. We had a variety of answers, but it was in fact part of a door chain! This week is very easy, I think!  What Am I? Huge shout out next week to the first right answer!  And even if you don’t know,[…]

Well, last week’s picture appeared to give a little more trouble than the previous two – about time there was a more difficult picture! There were no right answers, but Melinda from Glimmer of Hope was the nearest. It was part of the grill from a car –[…]

Last week’s seemed to really confuse some people but I thought it was going to be easy. It was the handle of a drawer (an IKEA handle if that makes a difference!). Deb, who guessed over on Facebook, was the one with the right answer. What do you[…]

“make a little birdhouse in your soul” … or in my garden. Whatever. That’s what last week’s puzzle was – a birdhouse. Well done to Cathi from Simple Sojourns for being the first with the right answer. I expect to have lots of right answers to this week’s What[…]

I had a feeling last week’s would prove to be difficult, but I was wrong. Lots of correct answers, though Ai Sakura was the first with the right answer It was coloured clothes pegs on a washing line. Maybe you’ll find this one harder …  What Am I?