An easy one today. I took my boys out for drinks and cakes this afternoon. It was quiet, we got comfy seats, Bean read Harry Potter, I did some crochet (in between playing with and feeding PK), and both boys stuffed their faces. It was a lovely couple[…]

Today, I found it difficult to choose what to use for today’s Happy picture – it’s been a really good, positive day. But the one I went for is this ….. My car went in for repair yesterday, to get the dent removed from where I backed into[…]

Bean asked if we could do some maths this afternoon. But he was quite specific; he didn’t want to use Mathletics or Khan Academy, which is what we use for most of our “formal” maths, he wanted to play snap. More specifically, he wanted to play Fraction Action[…]

I’ve been seeing 100 Happy Days posts all over the place recently, and wondered what they were about. Then I started thinking I could perhaps have 100 Happy Days, and started wondering whether I could do the challenge. Then yesterday, quite by accident, I read this blog post[…]