Day two and the lateness of this post tells you how busy it’s been. The day started with copious amounts of coffee (for me) before driving Bean and Plum to their Home Ed horse riding group half an hour away. I dropped them off at the stables for[…]

Now and again, I’ve written a blog post about our home education journey. Typically, I think, when you write a post like that once in a while, you end writing about a particularly good day or activity. And because you’re not writing about it regularly, it’s easy to[…]

Last week we took the children to Somerset for a few days. It’s an area of the country we love and we haven’t had a family holiday there since well before Plum and PK were born. One of Bean’s main desires for the holiday was to revisit Cheddar[…]

A friend and I made a difficult decision yesterday. We’ve been grappling with it all Summer, but ran out of procrastination time and had to jump one way or the other. We decided to close the home education group we’ve led every week.   When the group started,[…]

If you speak to (almost all) home educating parents, they will almost certainly tell you that they have had a wobble at some time or other about their decision to home educate. Some will tell you they have them regularly. For most I suspect it’s not actually about[…]

I’ve just read the bedtime story; it was a book called Who’s Not in School?, about Little Harry and his siblings who are home educated. I bought it on a whim a couple of days ago, because Plum has said a couple of times that she doesn’t know[…]