Last week we went to the LinDhu Gathering as we have done for the past few years. It’s a family-friendly, Pagan(ish) festival and we go there so that Stonelaughter can display (and hopefully sell) his Native American style flutes. We took part in lots of different things whilst[…]

Geocaching Adventures This week has been a busy one and I’ll no doubt be posting about it in the near future. But here’s what we got up to last Sunday, to kick off our week. You’ll know that we love Geocaching if you pop by here regularly. August[…]

A little while ago, I read a couple of articles (here and here) which echoed the thoughts I had been having myself on the same topic. Consent. Particularly, the consent of children. How do we teach children about consent, that consent (theirs or someone else’s) is important? Think about[…]

It’s been a busy week this week, what with all the sessions and classes the children have been attending this week and the trips we’ve made. Earlier this week, Bean attended a two hour football skills session provided by Tesco and the FA. He never really got the[…]

Have you ever wanted to jump off a perfectly solid platform high in the trees, into thin air? No? Me either. So when I asked Bean if he would like to have a tree top Junior adventure at Go Ape, he readily agreed, as long as I took[…]

So this happened at the weekend. I was brave and I went to my very first blogger event. Not bad for someone who has been blogging for four and a half years! I took Plum and PK along to Dobbie’s Garden Centre in Chesterfield for a sensory garden[…]