There are two years in between Plum and PK, and PK copies everything Plum does. He’s catching her up fast, including in mannerisms, speech and cheekiness. We’ve been wondering this week if we’re getting to the point of starting toilet training with PK. He’s not two yet, but[…]

Excuse me a moment, I’ve just going to suit up, because I’m aware that I’m about to enter a minefield. Child discipline. Enough of a minefield on its own, but I’m not even talking about disciplining your own child. I’m talking about disciplining someone else’s child. Oh, the horror![…]

Kids say the funniest things sometimes don’t they? Or odd. Weird. Plum is a master of coming out with things that make me laugh.  Recent examples are:       Mummy, I just want to feel your boobs! thankfully, not said out in public.   Mummy, would you[…]

How’s your week been? We’re getting back in the swing of things after the summer break – our groups have all started back up, and we’ve joined some new ones, so there’s plenty going on. This month, we seem to be “welcoming” the terrible twos, courtesy of 21[…]

I’ve been a bit quiet this week, sorry! It’s just been one of those weeks. I hope the blog will be back up to full speed next week. We did some artwork in the garden this week. I saw a link on Facebook (and I’ve tried to find[…]

It’s been a strange week here. Everyone, including the children, seemed to be tired out all week and as a result nothing more than chilling and playing has happened. This parenting lark is hard work at times, you know? At the beginning of the week, we played a[…]