Here’s a question for you – what do you do when you have a child with long hair who doesn’t like it touched? Genuine question. PK has long, curly hair and he hates it being touched, let alone combed. We tried the Tangle Teaser thing. Still screams like[…]

This was the question this evening from the back  of the car, courtesy of not-quite-six-year-old Plum. Not really a question I was expecting, or equipped to answer whilst navigating a busy four-way junction at rush hour. After a moment’s thought and having safely cleared the traffic, we discussed[…]

Today was the first full rehearsal for Plum’s dance show at the end of next week. It’s quite a big affair – two sell out shows at Mansfield Palace Theatre, each lasting over two hours, as everyone who attends the dance school performs on stage, from tiny tots[…]

Each week, my children have swimming lessons. They are all at separate times on different days, so I get to watch lots of children swimming. And lots of parents watching their children swimming. By and large, the parents show interest in their child’s efforts and offer support and encouragement. Not[…]

As children get older, the list of things they want gets longer. Inevitably, at the same time, the size of things gets smaller and price tags increase significantly. Children rarely appreciate how much these things cost or where the money comes from to buy them. Of course not,[…]

I know, I’ve been AWOL again – time and health got in the way, but I will make an effort to write more regularly again. SO last time I wrote about one of new additions, Cinnamon, who had broken a leg and was in isolation, on bedrest, with[…]