As many of my posts seem to do, this one stems from an article I was reading online. It was about tandem breastfeeding. The mama who wrote it explained why tandem feeding wasn’t for her, but how she fully supported those who chose that path. It was a nice,[…]

You know that thing where a woman supports her friend’s choices in Motherhood, whether or not she would make the same decisions herself? Yeah …. that …. I watched a programme on Saturday night (well, it was on in the background whilst I was writing), hosted by Alan[…]

I read this article recently about tongue tie and the delays parents experience in getting treatment for their child. I’ve seen a lot of articles about it recently.  I’ve put off writing about this because it still feels so close and raw at times, but it is important.[…]

I didn’t know if I would be able to post a Happy Days photo today. A happy day it has not been. My fibromyalgia continues to flare and I’m really struggling at the moment. The children have bickered and argued with each other all day. Bean fell over[…]

A-Z Challenge letter: C – Conscious         I remember those first few days after Bean was born when we struggled with breastfeeding. When he didn’t want to latch on and I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I remember wondering if we would ever get the[…]

When I wrote about my experience at my son’s Harvest Festival this year, it prompted discussions all over the Webfordshire about breastfeeding in public. Some of those discussions centred around the fact that I breastfed my daughter, who was almost three at the time. This post isn’t about[…]