Happy Families in the Middle Ages

I’ve been meaning to write this post since we got back from France last month. We visited some fabulous places, which you can read about in earlier posts here and here.

However this is a post about something we found in the gift shops: Happy Families playing cards. Do you remember them from your childhood? I remember trying to collect the Baker family, and finding that Mrs Bun (the Baker’s wife) was always elusive. 

The cards we found are completely different though. Educational Happy Families. We found the first set we bought in the Nausicaá National Sea Centre and unsurprisingly, it was sea themed. “Les Animuax Marins” has families of sea creatures and each card contains a bit of information about the creature on the card, in French and English.  This is what really drew me to them; there’s enough info on each card to allow for further research and each family set would make a great project. With the information being in two languages, there’s the chance to learn another language too, although I don’t think we’ll be doing that bit any time soon.


When we visited in the Viking Museum just a few steps away from the bakery we frequented, we found several more sets of Happy Families, from the same range. This time I bought “Le Moyen Âge” (The Middle Ages) and La Renaissance. I love these two sets. Each card could be a project on its own, with families such as Discoveries, Adventurers, Artists and more.


The children really enjoyed playing, and even PK did well with this. He had us in stitches with the way he asked for cards, “Dad. Do you have ….” It doesn’t really come across in text, but it was hilarious at the time.

I’ve tried finding more of the range since we got back from France, but to no avail. I will have to seek them out when we go back. They are well worth the £6ish a pack that they cost us.

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