No Room at the Inn

Here we are on a Friday evening, kids playing, adults happily listening to music from my car playlist which has, this evening, decided to play lots of things we haven’t heard for aaaaages. It’s all good.

And then PK gets excited about the fact that he doesn’t wear nappies anymore, can wee standing up at the toilet and can read. We all agree that yes, he is a very big boy now. I sigh “oh my last baby isn’t a baby anymore”. Which is when Plum decided this would be the perfect time to mention that she really really wants another baby brother or sister. Really, really, reeeeally.

I chuckled and suggested she spoke to Stonelaughter about that. Stonelaughter told her it’s not going to happen and she got sad. I asked her where we would put another baby; we’re short of room already. 


We could just build another room

she said, as if we were thick not to have thought of this. Asked where this room would go since there was no space inside the house, she sighed heavily and suggested we get our adult brains onto it, since this was not her problem.  PK helpfully suggested we could build a new room “somewhere in the universe”.

As it stands, there will be no new baby in this family. Stonelaughter is still reeling from the shock of it being mentioned, shaking his head at the idea of becoming a father for the seventh time at all, let alone on the wrong side of 50. And that’s before we even take into account his four vasectomies (don’t ask, that’s another post for another day) and one reversal. I think it’s safe to say he’s not going to back down on this one.

Plum has not given up hope yet though. I expect her to present me with plans for building a new room in the near future.

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