Is Dave Gorman Really Clean?

My kids often say odd, weird, funny, out of the blue things, and I usually forget to make a note of them, which is a shame, because I suspect I could write a book based on the things they say. Today though, I am here, making a note and today it’s all about Plum.

Five year old Plum, soon to be six – in less than a week in fact. I can’t quite believe that I – we – have survived nearly six years of this wonderful, brilliant, fearless, fierce wild child whom I love with every fibre of my being, and who already has an attitude to rival that of a teenage me. 🎶 Buckle up baby, it’s a bumpy ride 🎵


So back to her odd, funny things to say. In the car this afternoon, she broke off from singing along to Primal Scream (I kid you not) to say, quite out of the blue


Mama, is Dave Gorman always really clean?


I have no idea where this came from. I had no idea she even knew of Dave Gorman (sorry Dave), but I guess the fanboying of Bean has had an influence. (Dave is Bean’s favourite comedian, and as a treat he gets to stay up to watch Modern Life is Goodish if he has done all his chores and home ed tasks for the day. Last series, he was allowed to watch it the following evening, after the little two were in bed and his father and I had watched, vetted etc.). So, I guess that covers where she knows the name from, but as to why she wants to know if he is always clean … you got me on that one. Trying to fathom the inner workings of my children’s minds is a fruitless task, I learned long ago.

However, she wasn’t content with my answer of “I don’t really know; I expect so”. It was met with


“No, I mean is he always really clean?”


Yeah, thanks love, that makes it much clearer.

And so here we all are, on this blog post, collectively wondering a) what on earth is Plum on (about) and b) is Dave Gorman always really clean.  Answers on a postcard please.

I thank you. 😉

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