Home Ed Blog Challenge – Day 5

Ahh Monday morning … 

The closest thing we come to a school run is on Monday mornings when we all jump in the car and drive to Nottingham where the kids go to a home education gymnastics group run by Nottingham City Gymnastics Club. We’ve only been attending this group since the beginning of this term, but I really like it and the home ed group is open to children aged 4-12 (and PK, who is almost 4!). Initially, we signed up PK and Plum for this group, Bean having said he really didn’t want to gymnastics. Once we arrived at the trial session though, Bean took one look at the space and equipment and asked if there was space for him too. He loves it. We go for two hours, the first being completely instructor led and the second being child led with the instructors on hand for help, advice and safety.


Parents aren’t allowed in the gym itself, but there’s a nice seating area with sofas, tables and chairs, tea and coffee etc where we all wait, and which has a viewing window so we can watch the kids at work. Several of the parents are self-employed and take the opportunity to do some work, others read, sometimes we abandon everything for a coffee and chat. I feel very fortunate that we’ve found this place.

Before we got ready to go this morning, Plum and PK got into bed with me for cuddles. They found me reading the morning news on my phone and Plum asked what the news was today. I mentioned the war in Syria and tried to explain what a war was. She said she thought people shouldn’t go to war because fighting isn’t nice and people will get hurt, and the war would damage lots of things and stop there being nice places to live.

The next story I told her about was the parade of Olympians in Manchester. “That’s a great idea”, she said, “those people were very good at their games”.

Finally, I told her that some of the children who had nowhere to live because of the war in Syria were going to come and live in our country. “Oh good. They can make lots of friends and we can play with them and cuddle them when they’re sad. I’m glad they’re coming!”

And that, dear readers, is my 5 year old’s review of the morning news. She makes more sense than some of the folks in power.

This morning, as we drove to Nottingham, Bean and I commented on what a beautiful Autumn day it was – sunny, although not warm, clear, beautiful colours all around us. I planned for us to spend some time outside after lunch, taking advantage of the weather to do some crafts. I thought the children could spray paint some of the things we collected from the forest floor in preparation for making decorations for our Yule tree, and I was going to finally finish renovating a chair I’ve been working on. Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas and poured down all afternoon! 



Over lunch, the children were playing a counting game with PK. We went out for lunch and they were helping him count to 100. Then Bean asked Plum and PK questions; “what’s double 2; what’s double 4”. No working out time allowed – he wanted instant answers! When they’d got beyond their ability to come up with the answers, they turned the questions onto Bean, and when he exhausted his mental maths ability to give instant answers, they asked me.

The afternoon turned into a rest time since Bean, full of cold still, had used his energy in gymnastics; Plum had whacked her knee on the vault and was in pain and PK just wanted to play. I was by now suffering the results of an allergic reaction which made me feel very sick, brought me out in a rash and has had me on the cusp of a migraine since early afternoon.

No time for extended resting though – Plum has dancing on Mondays, so at 4pm we set off to dance class. She’s there for around two hours and does ballet, tap, jazz and acrodance and they’re busy rehearsing for the upcoming show in a couple of weeks. Bean uses this time to play on his DS or play Pokemon Go whilst PK happily plays with the dinosaurs and teaset (sometimes at the same time) that are in the toybox in the waiting room. Over the last couple of weeks, he’s made friends with the younger sister of one of Plum’s classmates and they’ve played some nice games together.

Another busy day.

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