Visiting the Goddess Temple, Glastonbury

Another place we visited whilst in Somerset at the end of last month was the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury.  I’ve been here before, as has Stonelaughter, and I was keen to visit again, especially as I feel like I am finally reconnecting with Goddess in a way I haven’t felt in a long while.


The boys weren’t that fussed about going, although PK liked the candles, but Stonelaughter likes the place too, and Plum was very eager to see it for the first time. She had lots of questions about the Goddess in the days leading up to our visit and was so at home at the temple.

The Melissa there took time to show her around and explain what was happening. We were the only visitors there, but whilst I knelt in front of one of the altars to speak to Goddess, the Melissa quietly explained what I was doing. After that, I went to the main altar with Plum and we explored the items on it. She wrote a prayer request and we lit a candle. She knew that it was special and she spoke to the Melissa about Goddess and what she thought it meant. She sat quietly in the meditation circle (just her on her own, taking in the space) and looked at the different images of Goddess.


I bought a book, “Luna Moon Hare” and a couple of Goddess cards – the ones which stood out to me were Earth Goddess and Samhain. Then the Melissa gave Plum an Air Goddess card, because she said she’d never met a five year old who showed as much interest in or knowledge of Goddess and she wanted to help nurture it. It truly was a very special time for both of us.

Since then, Plum has been even more full of questions about Goddess, as she explores what the means for her. Together we are going to set up a special altar table at home, which she can help decorate with seasonal items and which we can each use in our own ways. I’d like to help her on her Goddess journey, although I’m still trying to work out how best I can do that. Perhaps taking her to the Goddess Temple close to home will be a start.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I love the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and have thought about taking my 5 year old son as he has an interest in the different goddesses (and loves the stunning Luna Moon Hare book!) When I recently talked to him about the temple he said that he would like to go, and i would love to share that with him.

    Lovely too to read about how you have have thought about how you may help your daughter to follow her interest. Blessings to you both for that journey. )O(

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