Bean’s HE Project

So yesterday I wrote about how our HE journey had changed shape several times over the last two years, but now we feel like we’re in a place that suits us all.

Bean is throwing himself into his new found love of all things Minecraft, and as part of that he has begun making his own videos. In order to do that, he’s researched which software he needs for the tasks he has in mind, taught himself how to use it, recorded and edited his videos, added soundtracks and voiceovers and uploaded them to his own YouTube channel. He’s done all of this on his own and I’m really proud of him. He turned 10 last month.

So I thought it was time I introduced you to his work. He’s actually got two YouTube channels now, since he created one just for vlogs (something I’ve never felt comfortable enough to do, but he loves it!). So his first channel is THE Diamond Steve and this is the latest video on that channel

His vlog channel is called More TDS and he has just one video on there at the moment.

He is determined to add at least one new video a week so if you or anyone in your household is at all interested in Minecraft, please do watch his videos, and even subscribe. Your support would mean a lot to him!

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One comment on “Bean’s HE Project

  1. Love his enthusiasm, well done!

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