Hooker’s Choice

If you’ve arrived at this post hoping to read about ladies of the night, then let me disappoint you now. The only ladies of the night this post touches on are those who sit up all night, crochet hook in hand, thinking “just one more row and then I’ll go to bed”.

No, this post is about the crochet fanatic addict enthusiast and the choice of hook to be used.

There are loads of hooks to be had – different materials, styles, sizes etc and those who get really into crochet probably have a reasonable selection of all of the above. For my part, I have somewhere in the region of forty hooks, ranging from 1.0mm to 12.mm in steel, aluminium, wood and bamboo. I have more arriving later today. As I laid them out for this picture, I realised that there are several missing. I found eight when we recently cleared out the front room to decorate, but there are clearly more lurking somewhere!

2015-09-06 13.44.06

So, which do you choose? What’s your favourite material when it comes to hooks?

I prefer bamboo. I love the feel of it in my hand, warm to the touch and natural feeling. I don’t like aluminium hooks, though like most people, this is what I started with. The yarn usually moves easily enough over aluminium, but I don’t like the hardness, the way it feels in my hand. So I go for bamboo, in the main. 

When it comes to smaller hooks, 1mm – 2.75mm, the choice is limited – bamboo is no good for these and doesn’t come in hooks smaller than 3mm. These hooks are all steel. I don’t have a lot of choice of material here, so I use a good brand – my steel hooks are all from Crochet Dude.  I won the set I have in a crochet competition I entered in my early crochet days.

Most of my large hooks are bamboo – I have two full sets of 3mm -10mm – one dark and one light, and for some reason, I prefer using the dark ones. I’m not sure it makes much difference, but I like them. So there.

I also bought one Symfonie wooden hook because I loved the colours. I bought it in a 3mm but to be honest I didn’t like using it as much as my bamboo. It’s a moot point now though because the hook broke off the other night when I was crocheting with recycled cotton yarn. I switched to my bamboo 3mm and carried on. Until the next day when the hook broke off this too. The moral of this story? Maybe 3mm is a little too thin to be using wood or bamboo – I’ve broken three in the last year.


To be fair, I don’t think this is the fault of the hooks; when I’m doing freeform I often use the “wrong” size hook for the yarn I’m working with. It’s one of the great things about freeform; breaking many of the “rules”! In this case, the cotton I was using was too big for the hooks, and the wooden and bamboo hooks couldn’t cope with it.

I have an aluminium 3mm so I was able to carry on working, but I didn’t like it. It was harsh on my hand. With fibromyalgia and arthritis in my hand, I need something that feels comfy, hence the new purchase winging its way to me – a set with ergonomically shaped, cushioned handles ranging from 2mm – 6mm.

I can’t wait!  [edit: they arrived whilst I was writing this. I will report back on what they are like]

There are loads of hooks I haven’t tried yet. I’m intrigued by the ones with the little lights at the end of them. I can’t decide if they are pure genius or a complete gimmick. Have you tried them? What did you think?


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4 comments on “Hooker’s Choice

  1. Not the prettiest but I’m ‘hooked’ on my Clover Soft Touch. I love the look of those Symfonie ones but I read they’re not the best to use.. sadly!

    • I’ve not tried those. They look like they have a flat handle and from the look of the picture on the packaging, I think I’d struggle to use them. I’m sold on soft touch handles though!

  2. This is soooo tricky -hookers and their preferences! I just can’t get on with bamboo, but I think my grip is too tough and there is snappage….

    I really like the steel, particularly with a matt finish as it’s nice and slippy. Ergonomic handles are a must and yep, got a couple of the light-up ones. Aside from making you feel like an extra in Star Wars or Harry Potter there isn’t too much of a difference in grip and I’m not sure the light helps…in fact it annoys other people in the room who just see a light wafting about at 100mph.

    Hope you got on with the ergonomic ones,

    Jen 🙂

    • I *love* my ergonomic ones – in fact I haven’t used my bamboo since they arrived. I don’t like the light up one though. I find it distracting and it doesn’t glide over the yarn as nicely as some of my others.

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