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In my last post I mentioned that I was planning in using a lot of the yarn I was given in the artwork that I have begun making.

I was never arty at school, and my drawing “skills” still leave a lot to be desired, but as I have got older, I have realised that lack of ability in the school subject called “Art” does not necessarily mean a lack of creative ability. I can create, I just can’t draw anything recognisable!

My school report

My school report

I’ve tried lots of different creative styles over the years, from body casting, to clay work (I found that I’m not a natural on the potter’s wheel), henna painting and more. Recently, I have been using crochet to create art.

I began crocheting over five years ago, teaching myself when I was heavily pregnant with Plum. I did the standard new-to-crochet, mum-to-be things – blankets, hats, cardies etc. And for a while that was the kind of thing I stuck to. But then I discovered freeform crochet. And the world changed!

Freeform crochet sort of throws out the rule book when it comes to crochet. Sort of. There are no set patterns, but there are stitches which are used throughout freeform. Beyond that, the world is your oyster really. I like it. It feels a bit like doodling with yarn.

The first I did was made of four sections, each representing one of the seasons. 30


Next I decided to make a tree. It ended up a lot bigger than I originally planned – it’s 2 feet tall!

2015-04-28 20.37.00


I’ve got another on the go at the moment – a goddess picture for my Etsy shop and I just finished this one yesterday. This was a commission for the people who gifted all that yarn to me. Apart from a wee bit of mohair and a teensy bit of cotton used in the hills, the rest of the yarn used in this piece came from what was donated. I hope it will be a permanent reminder for them of their departed mother, who built up this stash over more than forty years!

2015-05-13 16.12.09

I’m also giving weaving a little go, though not on any big, impressive scale and just for my own amusement at the moment!

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