Kids say the funniest things sometimes don’t they? Or odd. Weird. Plum is a master of coming out with things that make me laugh.  Recent examples are:       Mummy, I just want to feel your boobs! thankfully, not said out in public.   Mummy, would you[…]

Did you guess last week’s puzzle? No-one did! It was, of course, the plastic lid from a Fruit Shoot drink. I know – so easy! So, What Am I this week? 

If you have time in your life to parcel poached pears in puff pastry then please get in touch – I will happily supply you with a list of worthy causes for whom you could do some voluntary work.

How’s your week been? We’re getting back in the swing of things after the summer break – our groups have all started back up, and we’ve joined some new ones, so there’s plenty going on. This month, we seem to be “welcoming” the terrible twos, courtesy of 21[…]

We’re slowing getting back into our stride with home education after a break over the summer. We hadn’t intended to take much of a break over the summer, but that’s just things turned out. This week, Bean has been somewhat reluctant to do anything resembling work. On the[…]

I’m catching up with my Great British Bake Off gluten free challenge. If you haven’t been following, I’m trying to produce a gluten free dish to fit into the theme for each episode. Sometimes, I even have a go at the technical challenge. I’m up to dessert week[…]