An Entrepreneur in the Making

As you may know, my husband Stonelaughter has a flute workshop at the back of our garden. The flutes he makes are wooden, so it’s full of wood, wood shavings, sawdust, wood working tools …. you get the picture.

There are often offcuts of wood sitting about waiting for Stonelaughter to decide what he can do to make use of them – it seems a shame to throw them out, but his focus is on the flutes.

The Man-Shed

In steps Bean one day, wanting to spend time with his Dad in the “Man-shed” (when Plum is old enough to venture in there without losing a limb, it will cease to be called that – I know she will want to get in on the woodwork act too). He asked his Dad if he could make me a present – a wooden incense holder. We burn a lot of incense. My eight year old little man took a rough bit of discarded wood and worked on it all day. Stonelaughter helped with the routing, but after that Bean did everything himself. And this is what he produced.

You can’t tell from the photo, but it is silky smooth. Not from some product that has been applied, but from the effort Bean made to sand it smooth. Imagine a piece of silk gliding off it ….

I was, of course, delighted by this surprise present. And so proud. And I cried – just as Stonelaughter had warned Bean I would. It has pride of place on the mantelpiece and is used every day.

Incense Holder

And then Bean had another idea. Dad has lots of offcuts of wood. Bean enjoyed creating something with his hands. Bean would like to create more incense holders (though he’s already thinking about what else he could make) and then he would like to sell them. A little entrepreneur in the making.

So, we’ve agreed that he can give it a go. He’s decided on a realistic selling price, we’ve agreed a cost per unit that will go towards his materials and cost of selling, and the rest will be his to keep. Stonelaughter has agreed to share his shed space and supervise for safety. Bean is planning how to spend his first million.

In business at eight years old. Who’d have thought it?

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5 comments on “An Entrepreneur in the Making

  1. bless him what a great idea and what a lovely way to spend quality 1:1 time with daddy. good luck in your venture

  2. How adorable. My children were about this age when they began to figure out how to act in society too. My daughter asked if she could help in the small bakery, my son helped people sand their surfboards etc. It’s great to see children taking responsibility.

  3. sounds like a fantastic idea and very creative !! good luck 🙂

  4. A flute workshop? That sounds awesome!

    How lovely of Bean to make your a present too. I would have cried as well haha.

    Corinne x

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