What Am I?

Last week’s puzzle was a little different – I was being strict on the answer, since it was fairly obvious it was a plant, so I asked you to be specific. Could you guess what plant it was? Clever Feed Me Dearly was right for the second week in a row and guessed that it was Rosemary. Well done!

And so on to this week’s puzzle. What Am I?

What Am I?

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33 comments on “What Am I?

  1. I’m stumped this week. My best guess isn’t even close. I’ll be back to check the replies soon!

  2. Purple plant

  3. Wow, I have no idea either!

  4. Elastic on swimming goggles?

  5. I am stumped. my only guess would be tweezers.

  6. Looks like headphones to me!
    Or sunglasses – the sporty ones 🙂

  7. I have no idea. Good photo though.

  8. A pair of scissors?

  9. It looks like purple plastic – maybe an ice scraper for the car?

  10. A clip that keeps opened bags fresh??

    • ahhh, great idea. Of course, for it to be that, I’d need to know where any of the million of those clips that I own are actually hiding. And I don’t. So it’s not 🙂

  11. Hmm, I don’t know why but I’m thinking Crocs. Also think it might be swimming goggles.

  12. I’m with Wendy, goggle straps… that never pinch your scalp or pull your hair when you put them on because they’re magic (I can tell because they’re purple).

  13. Its those plastic cord of goggles? #ww

  14. Wow, this is a tricky one! I’m really not sure… but my first thought was it looked like a part of a plastic chair??

  15. Yay, so it was rosemary! 🙂
    This week’s shot is too difficult… Here’s a wild guess: a knife and a sheath maybe?
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  16. looks to me like purple plastic forks/utensils.

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