Where do you Write?

Where do you write?

I’ve been asked quite a few times how I fit in blogging every day with parenting and home educating three children, running a small business and a household. Where does the time come from?

And, from those who’ve seen my tiny house – where do you write, where does the space come from.

And the answer is that I do a lot of things in the evening, on my laptop, sitting on the sofa. But that’s not always practical, or satisfactory. PK is still up and about in the evenings, and invariably, I find myself blogging around him – literally, arms and neck stretched around him as he finds ever more peculiar positions to adopt.

And so now, I escape. Initially, I escaped to a coffee shop on Sunday mornings, but it gets busy, there are distractions, and to be honest, it gets expensive. And so now, I reclaim my office on Sunday mornings. I have a shed – in fact Stonelaughter and I both have one. His is his flute workshop. Mine is nicely painted, has a nice window blind, some artwork, a clock, a lovely big desk I got from freecycle. And he uses it for his main job all week!

It's not nearly as tidy, or empty as

So on Sunday mornings, I come out here with my laptop, some fresh coffee and I settle down in the nice comfy computer chair and I work. There’s an intercom in here back to the house. I switch it off. No point escaping if I can still hear everything that’s going on!

It’s bliss out here. Warm, quiet, comfy. I mean OK, I’m surrounded by Stonelaughter’s work things, and my stock, and there’s the constant buzz of the meat freezer in the background. But it’s nice and it’s mine and I can concentrate and write and work and not be Mummy for a few hours.

And it keeps me (almost) sane.

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  1. Ooh I will imagine you there now, sounds blissful. I am in the hub of my house and work around my Granny , teens and husband all forgetting that some times I am working, but I am after 4 years used to it.

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