Win a Set of Pregnancy Meditations

Being pregnant can be an emotional minefield – even when a pregnancy is straightforward. When there are real concerns, the effect can be magnified, and the last thing we need when we’re pregnant is to be stressed about things!

I had three fairly straightforward pregnancies. There were some risk factors involved in them all – I have Coeliac Disease, I’m overweight, I had Gestational Diabetes each time, and (for the second two), I’d had a previous c-section. But given all that, things went fairly smoothly for the pregnancy. It was only at the end that any of these things really came into play.


Did that stop me worrying? No, of course it didn’t. Nor did it stop me being excited, nervous, sad, happy and all the other things we feel when a new life is about to change our existing lives forever.

All these things are normal, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t use some help to deal with the flood of feelings we have during pregnancy.

Way, way back, I was a meditation teacher. I taught meditation to children, and I had my own range of meditation CDs for adults. When I was pregnant with my eldest child, I realised that I needed something specific for the emotions I was encountering and so it was that I started writing some meditations specifically for pregnancy. Initially, I wrote them just for my own use but after some editing and reworking, they were professionally recorded and sold alongside my other meditation CDs.


It’s been several years since I stopped selling the CDs, but I think there’s so much value in these meditations, that I have made them available online as digital downloads. There are nine meditations in the range – three for each trimester – and each one addresses a specific aspect of pregnancy. You can find them over at Mama Meditation.


And to kick off this new chapter, I am giving away one full set of all nine meditations to one lucky winner. Five runners-up will each win one meditation of their choice from the range.

Good Luck!
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15 comments on “Win a Set of Pregnancy Meditations

  1. what a lovely gift sadly im not pregnant but will share and spread the word xx

  2. What a great competition – off to spread the word to pregnant friends 🙂

  3. What a lovely idea, this would have been useful when I was pregnant. Popping over from the #WeekendBlogHop. xx

  4. Mayita Wyldeck-Kelly on said:

    In preparation for when the stick works it’s magic I would choose meditation for growing life 🙂
    Lovely idea for a comp xx

  5. Great competition. I could have done with this when I was pregnant

  6. maxine m partridge on said:

    meditations for growing life

  7. Kirsty Fox on said:

    I would choose Loving Your Changing Body

  8. I’d choose Meditations for a Growing Life 🙂

  9. I’d choose Meditations for a Growing Life – this would be perfect for my best friend whose bump is getting larger by the day!

  10. Stephanie Burchatt on said:

    Meditations for a Growing Life

  11. Meditations for a Growing Life, I do enjoy meditating as its very relaxing and if it helps a growing life how wonderful

  12. Joanna Sawka on said:

    Meditations for a Growing Life

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