I wrote about my new found love of hair wrapping or hair covering, thanks to Rivka Malka and Andrea from Wrapunzel. As well as lapping up all their wisdom about tichels and how to tie them, I’ve also been reading their blog posts about spirituality. For them, tichels[…]

Bean loves to read, and gets through a lot of books. He likes adventures, fantasy and sci-fi. He’s only eight, but he has a ready age of eleven or twelve, and so like many parents of children who really love to read, we have to be careful; he’ll[…]

There are two years in between Plum and PK, and PK copies everything Plum does. He’s catching her up fast, including in mannerisms, speech and cheekiness. We’ve been wondering this week if we’re getting to the point of starting toilet training with PK. He’s not two yet, but[…]

    The Girl in Black Pajamas Book 2 in the Murder Mystery Series by Chris Birdy   R&B Investigations is under attack. Their employee is shot in the back as he enters the building, and a hacker is trying to compromise their secure network. While the Boston police[…]

We seem to be properly back in the swing of things now and have been cracking on with lots of learning this week. Bean has got back into his maths and is reading as much as he always does. He picked his new research topic last week, and[…]

I wrote recently about finding some great educational resources on the Twinkl website. I’m really pleased that, despite not following the National Curriculum, there are so many resources that are useful to us as a home educating family. I found the site when I was desperately searching for resources to[…]