Great British Bake Off – Gluten Free Parmesan Plaits

The Sated Coeliac - Gluten Free RecipesLast week’s Great British Bake Off was all about biscuits and so this week’s recipe from me is a biscuit recipe of course. I’ll be honest, I didn’t fancy building a 3D model with gluten free biscuits and the florentines only have 50g of flour in them, which is easy to swap for gluten free flour, without making an other adjustments, so this left me with the challenge of savoury biscuits.

I decided to make these plaits – they are quite soft and chewy on the inside and pack a parmesan punch. If you prefer a cracker for cheese that crunches, simply roll out the dough to 5mm thick and cut out your biscuits with a cutter. Reduce the cooking time by 2-3 minutes.

Great British Bake Off Gluten Free Biscuits

If, like the Great British Bake Off judges, you have a think about producing a billion biscuits all identical in size, shape and bake then I recommend avoiding the plaits!

Gluten Free Parmesan Twists
Yields 12
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Prep Time
45 min
Cook Time
12 min
Total Time
54 min
Prep Time
45 min
Cook Time
12 min
Total Time
54 min
  1. 220g gluten free plain flour
  2. 1tsp salt
  3. 2 tsp gluten free baking powder
  4. 1 tsp xantham gum
  5. 4 tsp caster sugar
  6. 125g butter (chilled)
  7. 130ml single cream
  8. 5tbsp grated fresh parmesan
  9. 2 tbsp dried oregano
  10. 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
  1. In a large bowl, combine all the dry ingredients and mix well
  2. Chop the butter into cubes and rub into the flour mixture with the tips of your fingers until it resembles fine breadcrumbs
  3. Add the cream and mix with a knife until you have a slightly sticky (not soggy) dough.
  4. Chill in the fridge for half an hour.
  5. Preheat the oven to 230c
  6. Remove dough from the fridge and knead slightly.
  7. Take walnut sized pieces of dough and roll them into sausages.
  8. Squash three strands together at the end and plait the lengths together, squashing the ends together.
  9. Do this until you've used all the dough.
  10. Transfer to a baking tray lined with baking paper
  11. Bake for 10-12 minutes until they are get beginning to colour.
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2 comments on “Great British Bake Off – Gluten Free Parmesan Plaits

  1. I have been wanting to make something very similar for a long lomg time. You might just tempt me.

  2. They sound delicious. I’ve also wanted to make something that looks like this but the plaiting scares me!

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