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It’s been a busy week this week, what with all the sessions and classes the children have been attending this week and the trips we’ve made.

Earlier this week, Bean attended a two hour football skills session provided by Tesco and the FA. He never really got the chance to do football at school – it wasn’t covered in his PE lessons. He now wants to learn to play so this was a great way to kick off. It was a baking hot day and I wondered how he and the other kids would manage in the heat.

 Tesco FA Football Skills Session

We left him to it and I took Plum and PK to a park a couple of minutes away, since there was no way they would manage to hang around for two hours whilst I watched Bean. PK wants to be on the move all the time and cares nothing for staying within reach, so the park, with its fenced in toddler area was the perfect place for them both to let off steam.

 This Parenting Lark

There was no-one else there and they enjoyed having the run of the swings and the slide, having a picnic, chasing each other and generally having fun. Bean thoroughly enjoyed his football session and is keen to try and fit another one into his busy schedule before the end of August.

This Parenting Lark

The following day, we all travelled to Coventry to meet a friend of Stonelaughter’s, along with his family. Bean and their daughter immediately hit it off and were off playing on the climbing frame, the fountains and generally having a great time. It didn’t take long before Plum was stripping off to her underwear to play in the fountains, closely followed by “swimming” in the sand. Great combination! It was a lovely few hours.

What have you been up to? Feel free to link up your parenting posts – old and new, funny, sad, serious, highs, lows – whatever!


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4 comments on “This Parenting Lark Link Up

  1. What a smiley faces! Can’t link up with my post as I’m not a parent yet (no I actually have furry babies :D)

  2. Fiona Naughton on said:

    Thanks for hosting Nicola, it’s always great to find new linkys! I’ve linked up 🙂

  3. Haha, I was reading your post and I was like, “That isn’t football. Why is she calling it football?” and then DUH, most of the world calls our “soccer” football. lol

  4. Oh I am loving summer! So far my kids have not totally exhausted me. I love having a park to myself. Who wants to bloomin queue for swings??? Not me! xxx

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