Business Opportunity to Connect Families and Inspire Children

Do you love story and think it has the power to make real connections between people and inspire children (and adults) in all kinds of ways? Are you looking for an ethical business opportunity to fit around your current commitments? If so, and you have a strong entrepreneurial streak and would love to be a founding member of a powerful movement, then you are the person I am looking for.



There is a movement happening in our world today. There is a demand for high-quality children’s content, a desire to connect with others in a real human-to-human way, and a strong trend of local and community-based buying. Barefoot is at the centre of this movement and we’re uniquely positioned to lead it.

Barefoot Books has been publishing award-winning, quality content for children for over two decades, with a strong emphasis on imagination and cultural awareness. We are now looking for people who would like to run their own business to join us as Founding Members of our Ambassador Programme – an opportunity which is only open until the end of October this year. Founding Members will have unique access to the decision makers at Head Office; a real voice in the development of this movement. You can find out more about becoming a Founding Member by reading the full details here.

Being a Barefoot Books Ambassador is a great business opportunity. There are lots of ways to sell the books, apart from “straightforward” selling – craft sessions, storytelling, book clubs, workshops, story and craft groups are just a few. You’ll get a generous commission on the books you sell (30%), as well as free books with every order you place and access to monthly bonuses. You can also build a team of your own, should you choose to do so and help other people launch and run their own successful business.

In addition, anyone who joins us and also joins my team during July and August will receive an extra £30 of books to help get their journey off to a flying start!

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4 comments on “Business Opportunity to Connect Families and Inspire Children

  1. This sounds like a worthwhile enterprise. I wish you and your colleagues every success.

  2. I love organisations like this, if we all can do one small act of kindness, it’ll make such a big difference to somebody else.

  3. Although I am not one for writing children’s stories myself, I think this is a really great cause and wish you every success in the future.

    • We’re not looking for authors – we have plenty of those – but could you be the person to go out to sell those books and bring them to life in the community?

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