The summer is fast approaching and if your children are anything like mine, they will be working their way through more books than you can count. So, to help provide plenty of reading material for them to delve into, I am giving away a massive £100 worth of[…]

If you’re a regular reader, then you’ll know by now that we are firmly addicted to Geocaching. It’s great fun, gets us outdoors, gives us lots of exercise, encourages teamwork, develops navigation skills and much more. We recently decided to take things a step further and set up a[…]

Turbo power for women   This was the strapline for a vacuum cleaner in the 1950s. Of course, such blatant sexism wouldn’t happen in advertising these days would it? Hmn. Except of course that the majority of adverts promoting anything to do with housework are aimed at women[…]

I can hardly believe that I’ve come to the end of 100 Happy Days – it seems to have gone by quite quickly and it has certainly taught me to appreciate the little things – even on bad days there is usually something positive to be found –[…]

Tuesday was a day of getting down to work on the World Cup for Bean. He’s doing well with this project and is clearly very interested in geography. We’ll be putting that to the test a bit more when we start finding out about the population, area and[…]

I have a little confession to make – the photos of the last three days of 100 Days were all taken on Day 100, but the events they depict happened on the correct days – I just wasn’t well enough on day 98 and 99 to organise the[…]